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Top Four Summoners War Cheats

Summoners War Cheats are available for free as a way to help gamers unlock or get free in-app purchases for and unlimited resources in the game. These cheats can work on all Android and iOS devices. You have no need to jailbreak your mobile device to use Summers Wars cheats. You are required to download any software or mobile apps. Here we have compiled four of these tricks to help you enjoy the best gaming experience.

Learn About Which Monster’s Strong and Weak attribute Against Each Other

Every monster in Summoners War is associated with a specific element. Gamers should always keep in mind which elemental attributes are weak and strong against its contemporaries. There is Fire, Wind, Light, Water, and Dark. It is important to note that Water is stronger against Fire, Fire, on the other hand, is stronger against Wind, and Wind is stronger against Water. While Light and Darkness are weak only against each other.

Construct Locales That Gift your Monsters Experience

Expand your land with the Tranquil Forest, Crystal Lake, and Gusty Cliffs will ensure your monsters receive bonuses. Placing four monsters in the Tranquil Forest will mean 100 experience points. As for the Gusty Cliffs and Crystal Lake, your monsters will gain 150 experience points. Four monsters can be kept at Crystal Lake, while five can be placed at Gusty Cliffs.

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Stay Focused on One Enemy at any Given Time

Ensure that you remain focused when attacking or trying to take down one monster at a time. Do not have your enemy of monsters space to attack you during their turn. Have each one attack the same enemy when it is their turn. From the opinion of experts, this cheat will make life much easier when playing the game (as you will knock down your enemies one after the other, giving them a lesser chance of making any kind of comeback).

Participate in Arena Battles at any Opportunity

A range of fantastic prizes or rewards lie within the Arena. Depending on your rank (the rank attained while competing in the game), you can come away with Crystals or even more important items to use for your monsters. It is important to take on the parties that are less challenging and reside inside the Arena. Their difficulty status can be confirmed by looking up their number of swords).

Note that the higher your rank, the better your reward. Keep competing inside the Arena for more points and EXP. Buy Arena defenses to boost your chances of success as well.

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Although the above Summoners War Cheats do not require following any significant steps or making any downloads they are still very efficient and can make you enjoy a smooth game. They are straightforward and easy to follow tricks.

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