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Mobile Strike Hack: Tips And Cheats

Mobile Strike is one free to play and easy strategy game, and it comes from the creators of Game of War. Your aim as the player is to build a strong base, along with forming a strong alliance with players like yourself. There is room to destroy your enemies too. Here is the Mobile Strike Hack on how to have the advantage over your opponents.

Missions are everything. Mobile Strike offers you series of suggested missions. Listen properly to it and then prioritize the tasks.

You will be building things from the start, but do not forget to research and train troops as well. The first missions will always take time to complete, but with time and patience, you’ll scale through. A little help is still available to fasten up the game a bit, I’m talking about the Mobile Strike hack which got released shortly.

You also need to be pursuing base missions but do not forget the regular, Alliance, and the VIP missions as well. They can be really useful and takes time to complete. You have to return to the mission screen to collect a reward.


When you’re in battle, use this to your benefit. When an enemy attacks, he cannot steal your resources when you have not claimed them yet. Remember this and only bring them out when necessary.

Completing missions to unlock skill points for the commander but ensure that you spend time passing on the points so that you’ll be able to use the skills in battle. Or just simply use the latest Mobile Strike hack and get them all at once.

In contrast with other games where management of resources is restricted, Mobile Strike allows players to go nuts. You’re allowed to place all the buildings you want.

Set up all the resource collecting buildings that you can afford. Ensure that you also keep it balanced. Keep the same number of buildings, so nothing will be left behind. Lastly, upgrade your warehouse so it can keep all those resources securely.

Join an alliance

Playing is a lot better with a team. With Mobile Strike, it is no different. You should join an alliance as it will you give you an instant gold bonus. New objectives and missions unlock too, with lots of focus on raiding the enemy outposts.

If your alliance mate purchases an in-app purchase, all players will get a reward. So if you are using the Mobile Strike hack and can literally purchase unlimited of it you can imagine how this will affect your level.

Attack all quitters

Scout bases to know who has left the game, and then attack them. It gives easy profit with no risk of retaliation.

Connect the game to Facebook

Link your Facebook account to the game, and you will unlock a Gold Mine. Then you can use this Gold Mine to give gold to friends as well as alliance members and receive presents in return.

Patience is a virtue

Try not to use your timer boosts until it is absolutely necessary. The game is a slow burner and takes time to progress, so when you see a long timer, you should wait rather than use an expensive boost to jump ahead. Log out for a little while and get something else to do. Only in case if you don’t want to use the Mobile Strike online cheats tool as this will give you the ability to purchase unlimited boosts.

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